Preschool Programs

GYMNASTICS – TUMBLE STARS (4-6 years-old) & TUMBLING (7 years-old and up)

Classes are designed to create an excitement for the sport of gymnastics while improving the skills and confidence of the participants. Participants will learn skills for the balance beam and tumbling while also working on building strength, timing, and confidence. Advanced moves are introduced as participants are ready. Offered throughout the year. Registration is required.

DANCE – DANCING TOTS (2-4 years-old), RAZZLE DAZZLE DANCERS (5-7 years-old), & THE DANCING STARS (8-10 years old)

Dance is not just a sport, but an art. Dance is beneficial for physical health, improves social skills and increases creativity. Dance helps with rhythm, balance, coordination, and helps with self–confidence. Our goal is for your child to want to come back to learn and have fun.

Dancing TotsThis 45-minute class will focus on the basic movements of ballet, teaching little dancers ballet positions through fun games and activities.

Razzle Dazzler Dancers – This 1-hour class will be focusing on jazz style along with some ballet. Dancers will get a chance to work as an individual learning to gain confidence and use their creative side.

The Dancing StarsThis 1-hour class will be jazz/hip-hop based while also learning Morden. Dancers will get a chance to work as partners, solos, and group. Dancers will also learn confidence, learn to work outside their comfort zone. Dancers will get a chance to use their creative side.

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