Summer Camp 2023

The Hagerstown Y is happy to announce that Summer Camp is back!  This summer will include traditional day camps along with sports and specialty camp offerings. The schedule includes 11 weeks of the Summer Camp and is open to children 4-14 years of age*.

Camps are licensed through MSDE and Purchase of Care Vouchers are accepted.

If you are currently using childcare subsidy with another provider, you will need to complete a Change of Provider Form.

Please download your required forms and complete them prior to registration –Summer Camp Registration Forms


Summer Camp Brochure

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camp 1Traditional Camps (offered  Weeks 1-11)

Little Explorers (Ages 4-5)*

*Currently waitlist only for weeks 2 & 3

Your child will have a blast with our Camp Little Explorers! With a fun summer atmosphere, this camp includes water activities, arts and crafts, games, outdoor fun, educational activities, and field trips. Breakfast, lunch, and field trip fees are included in your weekly fee.

*Child must be 5 years of age by December 31 and fully potty trained (No Pullups)to participate. We understand that accidents do happen, especially when the children are involved in fun activities; however, If your child is continuously having accidents, unfortunately they will not be able to attend camp.

$179 for Members/$199 for Program Participants

Youth Adventures (Ages 6-12)

*Currently waitlist only for weeks 4 & 8

This new and improved camp is modeled after our beloved Camp Holiday! Campers will have lots of summer fun doing age appropriate activities, sports, arts and crafts, water activities, field trips and more. Breakfast, Lunch and field trips are included in your weekly fee.

$179 for Members/$199 for Program Participants
Week 4 pricing with Hershey Park: $199 for Members/$219 for Program Participants

Hub Club (Ages 6-12)

*Currently waitlist only for weeks 1,3,5,6,7,8,9,10 & 11

Through supervised activities, children can have fun, make new friends, and learn new skills. This camp offers weekly theme-based activities Campers participate in a wide variety of traditional camp activities including arts and crafts, water activities, and more.

$145 for Members /$165 for Program Participants

Early Teen Camps (Age 13-14)

$100 for Members/$120 for Program Participants

Junior Lifeguarding

Week 1

Campers will learn the fundamentals of being a lifeguard, water
safety, rescues, CPR, AED, and first aid. The camp aims to introduce campers
to lifesaving skills and allow participants to shadow lifeguards to gain a real sense
of the job. Requirements for camp: swim the front crawl for 25 yards continuously,
swim the breaststroke for 25 yards, tread water for one minute using arms and legs,
and swim on the back for 25 yards using the elementary backstroke.

Life Skills

Week 2

Healthy eating, time management, personal hygiene, meal planning, and
budgeting! This camp will cover all this and more while expressing the need to be
self-sufficient as they mature, in a proactive near-peer environment. CPR/First Aid/
AED will be offered for certification, too.

Babysitting Basics

Week 3

This camp, run by the American Red Cross, gives campers
a foundation on which to build their babysitting business. Campers will receive
information clearly, concisely, and interactively. It’s the perfect way for young
people to learn about the responsibilities that come with the job like how
to care for infants and children, what to do in an emergency and how to
stay safe, choosing activities that are age-appropriate, recognizing, understanding,
and handling certain behavior, starting your babysitting
business. Certification will follow.

Sports Camps (Ages 6 to 12)*

$199 for members/$219 for Program Participantscamp 2
*Campers MUST wear sneakers for All Sports Camps  

Sports Extravaganza 

Week 1 *Currently waitlist only

During this week, the campers will participate in several different sports and will have the opportunity to learn about soccer, basketball, volleyball, and pickleball. They will learn the fundamentals of each sport along with teamwork and most importantly have fun.

Volleyball-A game invented by the YMCA in 1895! 

Weeks 2 and 9

Bump, set, serve! Whether you wake to work on your game or are just beginning, this camp offers it all Focus on fundamentals and player development with opportunities to work within a team.

Futsal (Soccer)

Weeks 4 and 7

Looking to improve your foot skills, agility, and positioning? This is the camp for you! Soccer fundamentals will be emphasized with individual player development all within a team setting.

Par to Play-Golf Camp

Weeks 5 and 10  *Currently waitlist only for week 5 & 10

Campers will have the opportunity to learn basic golf skills. We will meet at the Y and take a bus to The Greens at Hamilton Run Golf Club to learn putting, driving, rules, etiquette, and safety. Come experience a real golfing atmosphere! Campers must wear proper golf attire.

Basketball-A Game invented by the YMCA in 1891!

Weeks 5 and 10 *Currently waitlist only for week 10

This camp will provide players with a solid foundation of basketball techniques that will help them improve their individual skills, while learning team concepts in a positive, game-oriented environment. Campers will be split up in two age groups: 6-9 & 10-12.

Spotlight Studios

Week 6  *Currently waitlist only for week 6

This camp is a combination of Tumbling and Dancing which is a great way for boys and girls to develop gymnastics skills like cartwheels, round-off, and back and forth handsprings as well learning the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself.

Stix Together-Lacrosse Camp (For Ages 7 to 12)

Week 8

Players will learn about lacrosse in a fun, coed environment. Players will practice basic skills of passing, catching, dodging, and shooting while learning about the rules of the sport in scrimmages. This is a great way to gain experience and build confidence before participating in a lacrosse league.

Specialty Camps

$199 for members and $219 for Program Participants

Art-Rageous (Ages 6-12)  c6

Weeks 1 and 6 –  *Currently waitlist only for weeks 1 & 6

Campers will explore different mediums like paint, pastels, collages and more to create their own masterpieces!  Campers will explore the arts and culture throughout the area.  Week 1 participants will be encouraged to enter their projects into Washington County Ag Expo.   Please wear clothes that can get messy   

Ultimate Lego Building (Ages 6-12)

Week 7 and 10 – *Currently waitlist only for weeks 7 & 10

Do you believe you are the next Lego Master? Grab your bricks and get ready to learn through play.   Campers will use Lego to explore, investigate, experiment, challenge one another, question and build all while exploring STEAM

Fin-Tastic Fun! (Ages 6-12)

Week 3  *Currently waitlist only for week 3

Calling all Mermaids and Mermen -Flick your fins to our camp and learn to swish your tail with our camp staff.  Campers will enjoy arts and crafts, games, and how to safely swim with a mono fin.  Fins will be provided or can be purchased at the Front Desk.   Campers will need to know how to swim prior to starting camp without a floatation device.  Lessons on swimming with the fins will be in our small pool Monday-Friday, plus free swim time in the afternoon of Friday.  Campers must pass a swim test with the fins in order to use them during Friday’s free swim.

Too Fast Too Furious (Ages 9-12)

Week 11  *Currently waitlist only for week 11

Campers will experience the fun and excitement of building their own wooden go-kart. Campers will be using STEAM principles such as Math, Science and Art. They will get to decorate and race their go-kart on the last day. Campers will need to bring a bicycle helmet throughout the week and do get to bring their go-kart home.

Fashion Forward (Ages 6-12)

Week 2 & 8  *Currently waitlist only for both weeks

This camp is designed for campers who like to explore the world of fashion and different beauty trends.  A funded field trip to Goodwill is included to pick out clothing and fabrics to utilize in their designs..  Participants will have the opportunity to created their own unique outfits.   Campers will put on a fashion show at the end of the week

Ready, Set, Cook! (Ages 9-12)

Week 5 and 9  *Currently waitlist only for week 5

Our hands on camp allow campers to learn how to make delicious recipes and explore different techniques.   Campers will learn to follow recipes and acquire techniques through cooking, games and much more.  While health and nutrition will be a part of this camp, we will also be making appetizers and desserts.

Playground Camp (Ages 6-12)

Offered Weeks 2 & 3 and 5 – 9

$25 Member & Program Participant

Pangborn Park

Sponsored by the City of Hagerstown, The YMCA will be managing a summer camp at Pangborn Park.  Activities include STEAM, sports, games, arts and crafts, and water activities.


Summer Camp Brochure

(click and print for quick reference)

WEEK Dates Camps Offered Balance Due
Week 1 June 12 -16 All Traditional Camps, Junior Lifeguarding Sports Extravaganza, Art-Rageous  June 5
Week 2 June 19 – 23 All Traditional Camps, Life Skills, Volleyball, Fashion Forward, Playground June 12 
Week 3 June 26 – 30 All Traditional Camps, Babysitting Basics, Futsal, Fin-Tastic Fun, Playground  June 19
Week 4 July 3 – 7 All Traditional Camps – NO CAMP JULY 4th! June 26 
Week 5 July 10 – 14 All Traditional Camps, Golf, Basketball, Ready, Set, Cook!, Playground July 3 
Week 6 July 17 – 21 All Traditional Camps, Spotlight Studios, Art-Rageous, Playground July 10 
Week 7 July 24 – 28 All Traditional Camps, Futsal, Ultimate Lego Building, Playground July 17 
Week 8 July 31 – August 4 All Traditional Camps, Lacrosse, Playground July 24 
Week 9 August 7 – 11 All Traditional Camps, Volleyball, Ready, Set, Cook!, Playground July 31 
Week 10 Aug 14 – 18 All Traditional Camps, Golf, Basketball, Ultimate Lego Building  August 7
Week 11 Aug 21 -25 All Traditional Camps, Too Fast Too Furious August 14