Personal Training

All personalized exercise programs begin with a consultation to discuss your individual goals, previous experience and medical background. YMCA trainers approach to personal training is sure to benefit anyone, at any age, and any physical condition.
Whether you are in peak performance shape or new to fitness, YMCA personal Trainers will help you to reach your goal.

Call 301-739-3990 ext. 4237.

Fee: $ 45/hr – one session.  $ 238 – six sessions.

Middle School/Parent Fitness

Make an appointment with Sonia Reyes at 301-739-3990 ext. 4237 to schedule a time to go through an orientation on how to use the fitness center equipment.
We’ll retake your membership picture profile style so the fitness center staff will know you’ve completed your orientation. Parents must be with child at all times!

Fee: $35.00


Classes Included with your Membership:

We have multiple classes that are offered to members for no charge. All together we have 64 class times that you can come and enjoy a class with a certified instructor to keep you motivated. So come out and enjoy..


A non-impact cardiovascular indoor cycling program for all ages and fitness levels. This forty-five to fifty-five minute group exercise class combines a foundation of cycling movement with motivational coaching.

Cross Training

Do you get bored easily? Your brain and body will be challenged in this class that includes jumping rope, step training, sport conditioning, muscle conditioning, kickboxing, calisthencis, cycling and plyometrics.

Dynamic Stretch and Strengthening

Is a class that will incorporate a battery of exercises that will literally stretch your entire body, Instructor will incorporate exercises from Pilates, yoga, and functional movement.

Interval Aerobics

Designed with the older adult participant in mind. Improve cardiovascular conditioning and muscular strength in one class. Participants are guided through alternating intervals of low-impact (aerobic and/or step) and strength training exercises. You get a varied and balanced workout in a single class.


It is low impact, high intensity class working on your strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance. Utilizing the movements of ballet, yoga and Pilates – the goal is to focus on certain parts of your body to strengthen and tone your glutes, abs, arms and legs – while increasing flexibility and overall strength.


Fuses Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates in a workout that builds flexibility, balance, and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm.

Les Mills Body Pump

A mix of aerobics and weight lifting using low weight and high reps. Burn calories, tone and strengthen your entire body to great music and innovative choreography.

Les Mills CXWorx

Exercising muscles around the core. It provides the vital ingredient for a stronger body. A stronger core makes you better at all things you do. It’s the glue that holds everything together.

Muscle Makeover

A non-cardiovascular workout designed for all fitness levels. This class will help you develop overall strength through the use of medicine balls, free weights, resistance bands, flexibility balls, and calisthenics.


In this class you will develop both strength and flexibility by using a flowing series of yoga postures and enhanced breathing technique. Create balance between the mind, body and spirit. Please bring a mat to class.

Zumba Fitness

An energizing way to burn fat and tone muscles. Based on interval training, it uses combinations of fast and slow rhythms with Latin and other music from around the world. Salsa, cumbia, meringue, hip hop, belly dancing, flamingo, and calypso are just a few rhythms you could experience. One does not need dance experience or a partner, and wear regular workout clothes. It is also a low impact activity, but can burn 500-700 calories in one workout. If you are ready to dance your way to health, then Zumba should be your fitness mantra.


ABC Aqua-Bands

A huge variety of moves and motions can be performed to help improve strength and flexibility. Perfect resistance tool for water-based fitness and physical therapy. Aqua-band loop comes in three levels of resistance: light, medium and extreme.


This class uses the entire pool to tone, strengthen and increase your cardio.

Aqua Yoga

This class is held in the small pool. Students flow through and hold a variety of yoga poses, synchronizing breath to movement. The warm water relaxes the muscles while the water supports balance. This class is designed to assist students in increasing flexibility, improving balance, building strength and calming the mind. Class concludes with a brief free float for relaxation.

Aqua Zumba

Dance and splash your way to fitness with low-impact, but challenging water workout. Please wear water shoes and bring a water bottle to class.

Arthritis Water Exercise – Warm Water

The Arthritis swim class meets more needs then just people with arthritis. People with knee and hip replacements are encouraged to come and join us as soon as all the stitches are healed. The warm water relaxes the muscles and lets your new joint work easier.

Hydro Fit

Exercise that Feels Good – Watch us turn the pool into a fitness center. We have buoyancy and resistance cuffs, wave webs and hand buoys. Use our equipment and our guidance and take your workout farther than you ever imagined possible! Improve your aerobic conditioning, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and abdominal toning. This equipment enhances buoyancy and increases resistance for water aerobics.

Splash Workout

A basic level water exercise class. By using the natural resistance of water and buoyancy, the exercise works towards improving flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Discover what your body can do in the water! Co-ed classes, swimmers and non-swimmers welcome. Class is held in shallow water.

People recovering from strokes and heart attacks are also encouraged to join us. The slow movements are easy to handle and fun to do. This is more a joint movement class then an exercise class. All classes are free to members, we run eleven classes a week so everybody can find several times a week that suits them.
Structured exercise program in the warm water under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Objectives – increased flexibility of body joints and greater comfort for arthritis suffers. No swimming ability necessary. Easy access steps and a pool lift are available. Handicapped parking in front of “Y” available.