Senior Staff Title  Extension
Maria Rubeling CEO 4213
Teddy Newman Senior Director of Facilities and Property Management 4232
Daria Putnam-Steinhardt CFO 4206
Colleen Gildee Senior Director of HR/Risk 4211
Rhoni Mills Senior Director of Youth Development 4215
 Sonia Reyes Senior Director for Healthy Living  4237
 April Miles Aquatics Director  4221












Management Staff Title  Extension
Robin Chriest  Assistant Aquatics Director 4216
John Patrick Njiomouo Assistant Sports Direcor 4217
Cindy Crummitt Assistant Director of School Age/Camps 4204
Alex Pensinger Assistant Director of School Age/Camps 4218
Barbara Williams & Melissa Fountain  HEAL Program 4240
Other Department/Services Extension
Financial Assistance 4212
Room Rentals 4216
Pool Rentals 4216
Facility Rentals 4216
Membership Billing 4208
Childcare Billing 4210
Accounts Payable 4219