Staff Directory

Senior Staff Title  Email
Maria Kramer CEO [email protected]
Teddy Newman COO [email protected]
Daria Putnam-Steinhardt CFO [email protected]
Sierra Tothill Human Resources Administrator [email protected]
Rhoni Mills Senior Director of Youth Development [email protected]
Sonia Reyes Senior Director of Healthy Living  [email protected]
April Miles Aquatics Director  [email protected]
Management Staff Title  Email
Robin Chriest Assistant Director of Aquatics [email protected]
Kristen Estes Assistant Director of Membership [email protected]
Angelie Spann Director of Sports [email protected]
Cindy Crummitt Assistant Director of School Age & Camps [email protected]
 Jessica Siegrist Relationship Manager  [email protected]
Barbara Williams HEAL Program Coordinator [email protected]
Ron Fisher-Howell Member Services Manager [email protected]
Other Department/Services Extension
Financial Assistance 4248
Room Rentals 4239
Pool Rentals 4216
Facility Rentals 4239
Membership Billing 4208
Childcare Billing 4210
Accounts Payable 4219