Membership Rates

DUES AND FEES:  Yearly Maintenance Monthly
Individual Fee Dues
Youth (9-13 yrs) $  0 $16
High School (14-17 yrs) $  0 $26
Young Adult (18-26 yrs) $  25 $41
Adult Individual (27-58 yrs) $  25 $46
Senior Individual (60 yrs & up) $  25 $41
DUES AND FEES:  Yearly Maintenance Monthly
Family:*** Fee Dues
One Adult Family-Regular $  25 $70
One Adult Family-Senior $  25 $54
Two Adult Family-Regular $  25 $80
Two Adult Family-Senior $  25 $61

Monthly Draft:

Payments are made on a monthly basis by automatic withdrawal from checking/savings account or automatic charge to Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Automatic deductions will start the 15th of each month after sign-up. The draft cannot be terminated until after the first draft.  Monthly deductions are continuous until member provides 30 days written notice on intent to cancel.  Notice of cancellation may be provided by a written letter, email correspondence or by filling out a cancellation form at the front desk. No faxed or phoned in cancellations will be accepted.

Note: draft for Youth or High School memberships must have parent signature.


All Annual members will pay for a full year membership at the time of signup or renewal. The cost is for 11 months but you will receive 12 months of membership. Payable in full by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

 Annual memberships are not refundable or transferable.

Maintenance Fee

All Adult & Senior Memberships will be assessed a yearly maintenance fee of $25. This fee is to help offset the cost of facility improvements and larger projects necessary to keep the facility up to date and running most efficiently. For those who pay their membership on the monthly draft, the yearly maintenance fee will be assessed at the time of your March draft. Anyone who pays annually will have the fee included with their yearly membership dues.

Financial Aid

Thanks to the generosity of friends and neighbors in the community who donate to our Y, we are able to provide financial assistance to qualifying individuals and families for the YMCA memberships and programs. For more information contact Jessica Siegrist at [email protected].

To apply for financial aid, download application or stop by our front desk at 1100 Eastern Boulevard North in Hagerstown.

*  Includes Fitness Center privileges

** Includes Fitness Center and Private, Adults only Locker Room (with Sauna).  Children 14 and over have use of the Fitness Center with membership and completion of a Middle School Orientation.

*** “Household” is defined as a unit of two (2) adults living at the same permanent address, their dependent children through the age of  24, who are listed on the member’s Federal Form 1040, and who are living in the home.