Every child should have the opportunity to learn how to swim and the Y will start them off at 6 months old playing, splashing and jumping in the water. Parents will stay with the child until he or she is 3 years old. Watching them transform from nervous new swimmers to experienced swimmers is a great experience for us!

The classes start at the preschool level from ages 6 months to 6 years. If your child is starting at age six, they start in the big pool and more up according to their ability.

Please see the descriptions of the classes below. If you are not sure what swimming level your child is in, please call us and we will test them and put them in the correct class level.

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PreSchool Lessons

Ages 6 mos.- 3 years old
PARENT/CHILD: This fun filled, parent-child program provides activities which will prepare a child to move well, improve strength, flexibility, coordination and self confidence. Adults must accompany child in water, one child per adult.

Ages 3 years – 5 years old
PIKE: Entering and exiting pool, pool rules, safety jumping, and blowing bubbles (done with aid of floatation device).

EEL: Floating, breath control, flutter kick, flutterback scull, safety jump, safety skills (done with aid of floatation device).

TADPOLE: Skills will include rhythmic breathing, swimming width of pool without bubble and face in, treading water, back push and glide, finning, and getting used to the big pool.

RAY: Breath control, paddle stroke, safety jump, treading, safety skills, flutterback scull, body position, rhythmic breathing without the use of a bubble.

STARFISH: Kneeling dive, floating, rotary, breathing, body position, safety jump, treading, safety skills, back crawl. This class starts is in the large pool.

Note: Classes run for 30 minutes each. Parents are asked to wait outside pool area until classes end. Visitors and parents are welcomed to observe the last 5 minutes of classes.

Youth Swimming Lessons

Ages 6 years – 14 years old:
Components of these youth swimming lessons are: personal safey, stroke development, water sports and games, personal growth and basic rescue.

POLLIWOG: Floating, sitting and kneeling dive, gliding, rolling, flutter kick, paddle stroke, rhythmic breathing, kicking on back, synchronized swimming skills.

GOLDFISH: Kicking on front & back with board, rotary breathing with board, rhythmic breathing swimming, treading, diving, deep water confidence.

GUPPY: Survival floating, crawl stroke, rotary breathing, body position, back crawl, standing dive, safety skills, synchro skills.

MINNOW: Endurance, standing dive, back crawl, front crawl, survival floating, whip kick, treading, body position, safety skills, synchro skills.

GATORS: Endurace, front crawl with breathing, back crawl, breaststroke, dolphin kick, racing dives, turns, refinement of strokes.

Note: Parents are asked to wait outside pool area during classes. Visitors and parents are welcomed to observe the last 5 minutes of each class.

Swim Team

We have two swim teams a year. Winter team which meets October thru early March and summer team which meets June and July. To be on either team child must be 6 years old and up and be able to swim one length of the pool, crawl stroke with rotary breathing and one length of back stroke. Passing the Guppy class in our swim lessons will put your child at this level. The fun of going to meets and social activities will keep you and your child busy all through the year.

We will test your child to see if they are ready to join the team. Just call to make an appointment, you may call Sharee O’Haver (ext. 4236) for more information. Child must be a Y member to be on team.


Stroke Mechanics

Stroke Mechanics meets twice a year, May and September. The coaches spend one week on each stoke. Starts, turns and stroke improvement is what will be worked on for each stroke with each swimmer. You can do one stroke or all four. Your swimmer must be able to swim one length of crawl and one length of backstroke to attend stroke mechanics.

Lifeguarding & Water Safety Instructor

Were you bored last summer? Do you need some extra money? (Can you swim?) Take lifeguarding or Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and get busy this spring and summer. Lifeguarding gets you outdoors in the sun and will pay you.

The lifeguarding class includes the lifeguarding training, C.P.P/P.R., Oxygen Therapy, AED certification and First Aid. The mark and book are included. Call now to find out when the next class will start. Contact Teddy at 301-739-3990 x 4221

Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
This class will teach you how to teach swimming to others. Break the strokes apart, teach it put it back together. We do all the skills in the swimming classes. Enjoy the looks on the kids’ faces when they have accomplished a new skill and pass to a new level. It is so rewarding. Call for class schedule at 301-739-3990 x 4221 ask for Teddy.

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