Gator Swim Team

Swim Team

We have two swim teams a year. Winter team which meets October thru early March and summer team which meets June and July. To be on either team child must be 6 years old and up and be able to swim one length of the pool, crawl stroke with rotary breathing and one length of back stroke. Passing the Guppy class in our swim lessons will put your child at this level. The fun of going to meets and social activities will keep you and your child busy all through the year.

We will test your child to see if they are ready to join the team. Just call to make an appointment, you may call Roxy Thurmond 301-739-3990 (4216) for more information. Child must be a Y member to be on team.

Stroke Mechanics

Stroke Mechanics meets twice a year, May and September. The coaches spend one week on each stoke. Starts, turns and stroke improvement is what will be worked on for each stroke with each swimmer. You can do one stroke or all four. Your swimmer must be able to swim one length of crawl and one length of backstroke to attend stroke mechanics.


Looking for Part time Coaches: Employment Application