Youth Programs


(Age 12 mo.—2 yrs.)

Children and parents will explore a variety of activities and games accompanied with sound and music.  Children will learn tumbling skills such as forward rolls, side rolls, etc.  Class is designed for children to learn body awareness while having fun.  Gym session will be held in room 3, water session will follow in small pool. Children are required to wear swimsuit under their clothing.  Parents participation is required in class.


9:30—10:00 am Gym; 10:15—10:45 am Small Pool



Children and young adults will learn ballet moves and techniques with an emphasis on cultural, physical, artistic and spiritual differences giving students humanistic and ethical values.  This program will help the students to express their own values and talents without holding back.  Sandra Otiz comes from Boliva where she had her own dance studio, “Centro Cultural Kassandra”.   A Spring performance to be announced.

Pre School

Ballet/Jazz—3—5 years


11:30—12:15 am


Classes are designed to create an excitement for the sport of gymnastics while improving the skills and confidence of the participants.  We hope to develop our Saturday gymnastic participants into Cheer Team participants where they will be able to continue using their gymnastics skills and talents.


5:15—6:00 pm—Tumble Stars—4 yrs. Up

6:05—6:50 pm—Rising Starts—(1 year experience)