Spring League begins February 1 and runs through April?

Please register at front desk $15.00


Thank you all for coming out to the Jingle Tournament on Saturday.  We had a great time, fun raffles, and lots of sweat!!!


The winners of the tournament were:

A Division – Ed Osborne      Runner Up Keith Rist

B Division – Lou Castro        Runner Up Shiv Patel

C Division – Lori Swiger       Runner Up Mike Nye

Consolation Division – Scott Sease    Runner Up Phil Fowler





I will work with you on your game to get you to the next level.  I’m an AA Racquetball finalist the last few times I played in the YMCA League.  Will meet at your convenience.  Ladies Welcome.  $15.00 per hour

Lou 862-763-7625



Contact John D. at 301-991-1534 for more information

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Ball Colors

Racquetballs are manufactured in a variety of colors such as blue, green, purple, black, red, and pink, and some are for specific purposes (e.g., outdoor play and indoor play), but the differences are unlikely to make much difference for recreational play. Beginners are recommended to use a blue ball by Penn, Ektelon, or Wilson. The blue ball is the most commonly used and it is the most neutral ball for average speed and accuracy of contact. Green balls are similar to blue balls. In the USA the main choices of ball are blue and green for tournament play. In some cases the International Pro Racquetball Tour (IRT) will use a purple Penn HD ball as the official ball. A black ball is often used in tournaments for senior players because the ball is designed to be slower moving and allows for longer rallies. The red ball is the fastest in production and they are known as Red Ektelon Fireballs. This ball is heavier and allows for a quicker pace.

Balls do break occasionally, and will lose their bounce over time even without breaking. To keep balls around for a long time it is best to keep them in a room temperature setting and keep them out of extreme cold or heat because this will cause the balls to become less effective and lose their bounce.