Pool Schedule

Would you like to try something new in the water besides swimming laps? Come try our water exercise classes. Splash is a workout done in the shallow end of the large pool, while Hydro Fit has the same movements but without bouncing since it is in the deep water. With either class you can go as hard as you like.

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Splash Workout

A basic level water exercise class. By using the natural resistance of water and buoyancy, the exercise works towards improving flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Discover what your body can do in the water! Co-ed classes, swimmers and non-swimmers welcome.

Hydro Fit

Exercise that Feels Good Watch us turn the pool into a fitness center. We have buoyancy and resistance cuffs, wave webs and hand buoys. Use our equipment and our guidance and your workout farther than you ever imagined possible! Improve your aerobic conditioning, muscular strength, endurance flexibility and abdominal toning. This equipment enhances buoyancy and increases resistance for water aerobics.

Adult Swim Lessons

Would you like to be more comfortable in the water? Need to learn the basics or sharpen your skills? Try our adult lessons! Saturday Morning 11:15am-12:00pm.

For more information click here for Aquatic Department Staff Directory.

Arthritis Swim Program

The Arthritis swim class meets more needs than just people with arthritis. People with knee and hip replacements are encouraged to come and join us as soon as all the stitches are healed. The warm water relaxes the muscles and lets your new joint work easier.

People recovering from strokes and heart attacks are also encouraged to join us. The slow movements are easy to handle and fun to do. This is more a joint movement class than an exercise class. All classes are free to members, we run eleven classes a week so everybody can find several times a week that suits them.
Structured exercise program in the warm water under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Objectives – increased flexibility of body joints and greater comfort for arthritis suffers. No swimming ability necessary. Easy access steps and a pool lift are available. Handicapped parking in front of “Y” and a side entrance ramp available.

Fee: Contact Front Desk: 301.739.3990

Scuba Diving

Are you interested in discovering what is under the water? Scuba diving will open a whole new world for you. Our program is run by Blue Marble Divers of Hagerstown. The classes run from May to September monthly, meeting 5 times during the month on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 10 PM.
Contact Blue Marble Divers for more information Click here

Lifeguarding & Water Safety Instructor

Were you bored last summer? Do you need some extra money? (Can you swim?) Take lifeguarding or Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and get busy this spring and summer. Lifeguarding gets you outdoors in the sun and will pay you.

The lifeguarding class includes the lifeguarding training, C.P.P/P.R., Oxygen Therapy, AED certification and First Aid. Click here or call now to find out when the next class will start. Contact Teddy at 301-739-3990 x 4221

Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
This class will teach you how to teach swimming to others. Break the strokes apart, teach it put it back together. We do all the skills in the swimming classes. Enjoy the looks on the kids’ faces when they have accomplished a new skill and pass to a new level. It is so rewarding. Call for class schedule at 301-739-3990 x 4221 ask for Teddy.

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